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The Unimog-Club China (UCC) is a private association, founded in Oct. 2017 in Shenzhen, which takes care of the all-wheel driven off road vehicle called Unimog (Universal-Motor-Gerät, universal implement carrier) manufactured by company Daimler in Germany.

We want to offer our members the opportunity to get in touch with each other on events and meetings, to collect and share information of the technology and history of the Unimog.Regularly we publish information about the Unimog for our members.

2018年,经戴姆勒股份公司的梅赛德斯 - 奔驰经典俱乐部管理中心认证,Unimog-Club China正式成为梅赛德斯 - 奔驰的官方品牌俱乐部。
Since 2018, the Unimog-Club China is an official Mercedes-Benz Brand Club.The recognition was given by the Mercedes-Benz Classic Club Management of Daimler AG, Stuttgart.

作为UCC品牌俱乐部的会员,您将获得梅赛德斯 - 奔驰俱乐部会员卡。成为会员后,您将获得会员权益,比如在德国访问斯图加特的梅赛德斯 - 奔驰博物馆,您可免费入馆。
As a member of the UCC Brand Club, you will receive the Mercedes-Benz ClubCard as your membership card. Associated with this are benefits, e.g. in Germany the visit of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart for free.