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There were very early attempts to form a 190 SL club in Austria, but they came to nothing. Then rumours of a planned club foundation made the rounds in the streets and in various workshops where SL enthusiasts had their cars restored. On 16 December 1981 a small group of such enthusiasts headed by Fritz Landau, decided to form the Mercedes-Benz SL Club of Austria while waiting out a hefty snowstorm in a Vienna hostelry. John Holler, who already had experience as president of an MG club in New Zealand, was duly appointed Chairman, the bye-laws were drawn up by M.A. Riekmann and an application was submitted to the Vienna authorities. A confirmation letter dated 9 March 1982 confirmed the existence of the club, which was now able to commence its many activities. The Mercedes-Benz SL-Club of Austria was officially accepted as a member in 1999, and has since been one of the worldwide clubs recognised by Mercedes-Benz. TEST